About us

UAB "Helusta" was founded in 2000. Wholesale and retail trade in of electrical wires and cables is the main activity of the Company. We are proud to be the official representative of the German Company HELUKABEL GmbH in Lithuania.

We offer a wide selection of wires and cables. The product range of Helukabel GmbH consists of more than 33,000 different names of electrical wires and cables with a cross-sectional area from 0.05 mm2 to 630 mm2. There is a wide selection of flexible control and data cables, cables for drag chains, photovoltaic installations, servo feedback and motor cables, heat-resistant, water-resistant, coaxial, telephone and fire warning, CAT, BUS and other cables. Electrical wires and cables are supplied by one of the largest cable manufacturers in Germany - Helukabel GmbH.

Helukabel GmbH Products measure up the highest German quality standards. We will provide all the necessary certificates, declarations or other relevant documents.

Only high-quality products ensure the continuity, stability and competitiveness of your business in a modern, dynamic and ever-changing business environment.

Words from the CEO

Bendrovė HELUSTA įvairioms pramonės rūšims skirtos kabelinės produkcijos rinkoje dirba jau daugiau nei 18 metų. Per tą laiką sėkmingai įsitvirtinta Baltijos šalyse, pelnytas patikimo ir finansiškai stabilaus verslo partnerio vardas.

Mūsų bendrovė atstovauja tik aukščiausios kokybės, patikimus prekinius ženklus. Siūlydami jų produkciją esame įsitikinę, jog jie pranoks Jūsų lūkesčius.

Esame lankstūs ir efektyviai reaguojame į klientų poreikius. Siekdami aukščiausios aptarnavimo kokybės, klientams siūlome sisteminius sprendimus, padedame atnaujinti įrangą, rengiame kvalifikacijos kėlimo kursus, konsultuojame įvairiais techniniais klausimais. Todėl visada esame pasiruošę profesionaliai pasidalinti savo paslaugomis ir žiniomis su Jumis


Dainius Kisielius

Why choose us?

  • High-quality products
  • Competitive ability
  • Quick delivery
  • Transparent, Socially Responsible Company
  • Long-term operational stability

Facts about the company

Through the years of operation, we have accumulated worth experience in the cable production for the various industries. Therefore we can professionally advise you.

We are welcoming new customers, new partnerships and opportunities for cooperation. If you have not been able to find what you were looking for, please get in touch – write, call, and ask. We will be glad to answer your query and do our best to assist you.

2000 Founded
Helukabel Representative
33K Assortment